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Pamela Penson

High quality, dedication, action-driven and visionary are words that define her work ethic. From her education to her career, Pamela Penson has committed herself to every task she has been presented with. Her dedication shows in many accomplishments throughout her life, beginning with her attainment of higher education. Pamela Penson received her MBA from the University of Southern California.

After completing her MBA, Pamela Penson attended Claremont Graduate University where she acquired her Ph.D. in Neuroeconomics. Finding a passion through the work she was accomplishing, Pamela graduated at the top of her class. Soon after her graduation, Pamela Penson decided to inspire and incite the same passion for neuroeconomics and neuroleadership in business management working as a professor School of Business and Management at Azusa Pacific University.

After her time as a professor, Pamela wholeheartedly devoted herself to redefining the home care industry from the existing status-quo caregiving approach to a creatively engineered high-trust client-centered customer service organization who happens to be in business of caregiving, for more than two decades. Profoundly disturbed and dismayed with the quality of services that caregiving companies provided, Pamela took action. She opened her own in-home caregiving company based out of California. Pamela commits herself to offering the highest level of quality of non-medical, personalized care in the home care industry using the old fashion way of caring for an elder – with accountability, compassion, connection and civility. Equally important, engaging with caregivers as paid-volunteers, not human “resources” is vital. Albeit, the caregivers are technically employees but caregivers are not resources, they are human beings with immense love to share with strangers. Ask any CEO of a non-profit organization how much do they appreciate their volunteers? A TON! What would they do to keep their volunteers? ALMOST ANYTHING.

Pamela believes that taking care of an elder is more than making sure they eat, take medication and arrive at their appointments; a quality caregiver is someone who offers honest love, respect and compassion as a loving family member. Removing love, respect and compassion in the equation of a quality caregiver is NOT qualified. With that in mind, Pamela curated services that focus on providing companionship, help with all the activities of daily living and provide client-centered solutions to families living with Dementia, Cancer, Lupus, ALS and Parkinson’s.

Pamela’s devotedness to advancing the in-home care has not gone without recognition. Multiple publications have identified her impressive her work. She was awarded Healthcare Manager of the Year in 2016 by the Los Angeles Business Journal Healthcare Leadership Forum.  Additionally, since 2012, Pamela’s company proved to be successful by receiving Best Homecare Best Homecare Company by Beach Magazine and the Easy Reader along with the title of Favorite Homecare Company by the Los Angeles Newspaper Group’s Daily Breeze Best of Contest.

Along with advancing the elder care movement, Pamela has been active in international entrepreneurial ventures, venture capitalist, and acquisitions. She is an inventor in a variety of fields including consumer products and international manufacturing. Pamela Penson’s international experience varies from owning and operating manufacturing companies and consultancies in multiple countries across the world including but not limited to, China, India, Australia, South Africa, and Italy.

Although she dedicates much of her time to her career, Pamela Penson still finds time to take part on humanitarian boards that support and women and children to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs in underdeveloped countries. Along with that, Pamela is fluent in four languages including, English, Spanish, Italian, and American sign language.

Pamela Penson has firmly established her place as an educator, mentor, transformer and leader of a new generation of elder care. Pamela Penson’s approach is soulful, thoughtful, personal, friendly, nimble, colorful and genuine- and reflects the highest standards of excellence in the industry.

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